Knowledge and expertise for mould construction

You're not sure how a part has to be designed to produce the most inexpensive mould possible? You want to find out what possibilities mould design offers for your product? On request ACS Deutschland offers various mould technology training courses for product developers, buyers and project managers with an emphasis on large mould construction.

Course topics are illustrated taking an injection mould for a bumper as an example. Here our staff provide you with information about general fundamentals, the mould structure and mould-related terminology as well as different types of slide, parting lines, parting surfaces and article demoulding situations. In addition, you will also learn all about the history, development and 'hot spots' relating to bumper injection moulds.

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ACS Mould-Technology Training course

In addition to the very popular individual tooling packages, we can now also offer you a standardized tooling package.

The ACS Mould Technology Training Course is especially designed for those employees with little or no knowledge of tool and mold making. These include, for example, product developers, 3D designers, project managers or commercial employees as well as junior engineers and career changers.

This is what the participants learn
In addition to basic knowledge, the participants learn the tooling requirements of complex, large plastic parts and the implementation in the large tool. The emphasis of the training is mainly on the representation of solutions from the toolmaker's view. In this way the participants learn everything important about a process-safe and cost-oriented component development, as well as about risks and cost drivers in the construction of large tools.

Your employees (and thus your company) will benefit in the long run:
with easy-to-understand sketches and practical examples, as well as through knowledge interviews in several riddles during the training, the knowledge remains permanently anchored in the minds of the participants.

Here are the facts:
The training runs over a period of 2 days from 9:00 am to about 5:00 pm and costs 3,900 Euros (plus VAT) for up to 10 participants. Eventual travel costs of the seminar leader are not included and will be offered separately.

We will come to you!
In order to save you time and money, we are happy to come to you. We only need a training room with beamer, board or flipchart and a seminar service. We will gladly arrange the dates with you individually. This offer is valid until the end of 2017.

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