Planning & development

The expert support provided by ACS Deutschland starts even before actual mould production.  With our own CAD workstations such as CATIA V5 & NX we provide comprehensive support for development and design, even on the spot in our clients' development departments.

Planning and optimization of production moulds

  • Mould testing in the production plant under production conditions
  • Mould analysis and investigations on our own premises
  • Testing and suggestions for improvement
  • Correction of cooling systems
  • Hardness testing
  • Testing and optimization of spotting surfaces and slide adjustments, for example, in the case of slide marks, and so on.
  • Complete re-designing of moulds
  • Design suggestions and recommendations 

Expert's reports for article development

  • Mould-related technical reports and feasibility analyses
  • CAD data exchange: native CATIA V5 & NX, step, iges
  • Article data assessments
  • Suggestions for improvement
  • Risk assessments
  • Suggestions for mould concepts and mould technologies
  • Mould calculations
  • Cost assessments
  • Presentations even on the spot directly in the development department
  • Mould training courses especially for large moulds